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A Rough Guideline To Some Statistics
Google page rank: 7/10
Alexa page rank United States: 7,169 [8/10]
Alexa page rank international: 14,977 [8/10]
Incoming links: 124,470
Age of website: 14 years
Magazines: 2
Subscribers: 398,959
Daily News [Blog]: 1
Subscribers: 8,532
Monthly Uniques: Approxmiately 1,200,000
Listed in Yahoo Directory: Multiple listings
Top ten search results: Multiple top results
Google page rank: 7/10
Alexa page rank United States: 59,767
Alexa page rank international: 71,219
Approximately 375,000 unique visitors
Link Popularity EmbassyWorld: 54,455 Backlinks
Age of website: 11 years
Google page rank 6/10
Alexa page rank United States: 103,563
Alexa page rank international: 257,873
Magazines: 1
Subscribers: 214,264
Approximately 100,000 unique visitors
Link Popularity CaribPro 5,247 Backlinks
Age of website: 15 years
EscapeArtist Network
Domains: 347
Approximately 1,500,000 unique visitors
Ex Domains: 59,140 [8/4]
Statistics was at 1.5 million unique visitors in July of 2008, when this page was first constructed.  Our visitor count had been stable above 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 for as much as two years before that. We estimate our unique visitor count as being between 1.2 and 1.5 million unique vistors per month. sits around 375,000 unique visitors and has kept that up consistently.  The pages per visit dropped off the early part of the recession but picked back up swiftly.
Real estate has not really changed very much in the last 12 months despite the recession. We have always gotten a big hit in real estate section. It seems the page count is about the same as it has been for over 12 months which includes the so-caled real estate down turn.  We're around 130k to 150k users per month on that site. - May 2009 was about 90,000 visits and 250,000 page views.  July of 2008, for comparison as a pretty good month was 95,000 and almost 275,000
Jobs - We are around 25,000 visitors per month on the overseas jobs postings and 30,000 on the resource pages. 
Yachtbroker stays around 50,000 users and 250,000 page views always.
Well Over One Million We are well over 1.5 million unique visitors per month on the group, probably close to two million on a good month.
How we compare with our closest competitors [reach 1 month]
How we compare with our closest competitors [traffic 1 year]
Demographics show that our average visitor is between 35 and 64, male, with children, educated, surfing from home.  See demographics.
This (below) is excerpted from a (2008) promotion to encourage people to advertise on our website. (they did / they do)
Top Spots We in the appear number one, two, or three spot on Google for real estate in more nations than any other website. We also appear in the number one slot in every other search engine (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.)  We also always appear number one in every major search engine when people search for information about relocating to and living in an overseas nation.  That's one reason why we're more effective than other real estate websites.  The diversity of our website draws more traffic than any other real estate website on the internet. But let's look at the facts. The chart below shows us in comparison to the world's top real estate websites.  In this chart we appear as the line in blue, the other websites are Sotheby's Realty, International Real Estate Digest (IRED), FusedWorld International Real Estate Directory & Property Listings, and Planet Pads.
The graph clearly reveals that we are so far ahead of them that there is no gentle comparison.  How do we maintain such a decisive lead?  We have 1.5 million unique visitors to our network, placing us in the top 1% of the all the websites in the world - Our Traffic Rank worldwide fluctuates between 4,500 and 12,000 worldwide - (2008) meaning that among the millions of website in the world we are always in the top 1% or better - Of our visitors, over a half million are surfing our real estate listings every month looking for international real estate.  No one else can make that claim and offer hard proof; we can state it as a fact, and we can back it up.  Take a look.
Above: when compared with the other top international real estate websites.( in blue)
EscapeArtist Demographics
EscapeArtist Television

What about us and the big boys?
But wait, there's more. Everyone has heard of RE/MAX. They are perhaps the largest real estate company in the world with thousands of offices.  Here is how we compare with RE/MAX. Us in blue, them in brown.
Above: compared with RE/MAX ( in blue)
Okay, a multi-millon dollar company is equal to, but unless you have your real estate in the United States and it's listed with them on a commission basis then they aren't in the running.  When you enter the search term 'real estate in Argentina' into Google we're number one, RE/MAX doesn't even appear, the same applies with almost every other nation in the world.  We're number one for international real estate, and RE/MAX, our closest competitor, statistically speaking, isn't in the same ball game that we play in. Plus you don't have to list your property with us on a commission basis as an agent of sale, we never charge you a commission, and our listing and advertising prices are so reasonable that listing and advertising with us is one of the best bargains on the internet. ...and the most effective!  (Many RE/MAX and CENTURY21 offices advertise and list their properties on - Ask yourself why.)
Above:  Speaking of Centry21 - The above is the comparison of EscapeArtist and Centry21 (EscapeArtist in blue)
It is important to note that RE/MAX and CENTURY21 despite the fact that they don't compete with us for international real estate are very honest companies with real listings.  Not every real estate website is honest. There are numerous real estate websites that load dummy (fake) listings.  They then proceed to use expletives claiming to be 'the leader' or the 'internet's number one location' for international real estate, when in fact they are scam artists.  What happens to you as a seller when a website you're listed on stoops to loading dummy listings to boost their rating & database?  When buyers visit such websites they click on two or three listings only to find that the listings are some expired listing that was downloaded off of another real estate website. When a buyer confronts that sort of nonsense they leave the website.  You're in trouble if you've got listing number four on that website and the first three listings they looked at were dummies.  Such websites manage to push their rating up with fake listings, but they don't sell real estate; so your money spent listing with them is purely wasted. This practice is called 'good business', which is a euphemism being dishonest, (a crook) which is okay in today's world of moral grayness if it improves the bottom line.
Most important
There is another very important reason why we remain the internet's most effective international real estate marketplace website, and it may be the most important reason of all.  We have four well known eMagazines that go out to those seeking to relocate abroad and buy real estate abroad.  Over 380,000 subscribers get our eMagazines every month, over one hundred new subscribers sign up every day...  those are big numbers, especially when you recognize that the audience of our magazines consists of the exact people you want to reach.  All our magazines carry prominent references to our real estate listings, featured listings, plus a large number of advertisements for those who choose to advertise.  No one on the internet can beat that.  It's just one more reason why we remain the most effective place to list & advertise properties for sale.
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Some of this material is excerpted from a (2008) promotion to encourage people to advertise on our website. They did and they do.
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